​​Our goal is to provide highly accurate land information services to clients through the use of state of the art equipment and rigorous effort.
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    Offering a full range of land surveying services from Fort Kent to Kittery.
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    Large archive of land records and maps collected from 11 retired Maine surveyors.
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    A history of serving Maine families and businesses for over 40 years.

The Importance of a Professional Survey​

In the past many landowners did their own surveys and drafted their own legal descriptions. Generally these surveys were light on details and don't often meet the current legal requirements. Once a generation or more has passed, the deed call for the old stump at the corner of Amos Andrews field may be somewhat ambiguous if not impossible to find.​​​​

A professional surveyor has been trained to precisely measure, monument, and describe parcels of land whereby the descriptors of the property can be retraced long into the future.

About Maine Survey Consultants

Maine Survey Consultants is an award winning full service land surveying company with over 40 years of experience serving families, engineers, architects, developers and municipalities across the great state of Maine.
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Client Testimonials

  1. "We have used Maine Survey for over 20 years as they are experts in the surveying field. We also recommend them to our forestry clients as they are excellent at finding boundary lines deep in the Maine Woods!" Nathan Wadsworth, Wadsworth Woodlands, Inc
  2. "Pinkham and Greer has worked with Maine Survey Consultants for more than 25 years. They have been a part of our success. They understand the difference between a standard boundary survey and one to be used in development. They provide very timely services, at a high level and for a reasonable fee. We have very much enjoyed that working relationship." Tom Greer, Pinkham and Greer, Civil Engineers
  3. “Over the years Maine Survey Consultants surveyed my 300 acre property as I purchased adjoining lots to piece together the "puzzle". Through extensive research they identified several irregularities with the deeds and neighbors property lines. In 2015 MSC subdivided a 50 acre parcel for my son and also created a topographical map so I could better understand the 'lay of the land'. Throughout all of the jobs we’ve worked together on, Del's work has been very accurate and thorough.” George B. Robinson, Otisfield Maine