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As defined by the State of Maine in their Planning and Land Use laws a subdivision occurs when a parcel of land is divided into three or more lots within a five year period of time. It also applies to the division of a single structure into three or more dwelling units within a five year period.
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Site Planning

A site plan is usually prepared to show where a proposed building will be situated on a lot and how the area will be graded, landscaped, etc. Most cities and towns require developers to present a site plan for a proposed project in order to be reviewed by the local planning board.
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Boundary Survey

A retracement of the perimeter lines of an existing parcel of record. The surveyor reviews the descriptions in the deeds found in the chain of ownership of a title and those of the abutting properties to determine seniority rights. The information gleaned from the deed descriptions will help identify monumentation or markers to be searched for in the field and may reference prior survey maps by others that can be used in the preparation of the survey. Abutters are notified and requested to provide any information that they may have about their common boundaries.

The survey crew goes to the subject parcel with the record evidence obtained from the research to search for actual field evidence of the boundaries ie: corner markers, fences, blazed trees, etc. Once the field evidence is identified a traverse is laid out from which the evidence recovered can be accurately located. Back at the office the evidence gathered during the initial field survey work is compiled and compared to the record descriptions. From an analysis of the record data combined with the field evidence collected, an accurate map is prepared showing the parcel boundaries with dimensions and monumentation either found or set as noted on the map.

Topographic Survey

Topographic surveys show the physical features of a parcel of land on a map. The vertical relief of the area being mapped is visualized by the use of contour lines and structures like catch basins, manholes, gas valves, water valves, and utility poles to name a few are indicated symbols identified in a legend on the map.
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Deed Research

Every record parcel is described in a deed that was given to the current owner by the prior owner of the parcel. Sometimes the deed is for a new lot, this would be the case for a lot in a newly approved subdivision. However, most lots have been in existence for a long enough period of time that there have been several owners of the property. Deed research retraces the chain of prior ownership to confirm that there have not been any scrivener errors made in the successive transfers, out conveyances, and uncovers additional information is not obvious on the face of the current deed.

Lot Division

The division of a lot occurs when a larger parcel of land is divided into at least two separate parcels of land.

Route Survey

A route survey is usually prepared for a highway, pipeline, or powerline project. It generally shows the limits of the right of way and often times includes topography and contours.

GPS Survey

A GPS survey makes use of the Global Positioning System satellite network to determine accurate three dimensional points on the earth's surface.

Mortgage Loan Inspection

This is a map required by lending institutions when people are seeking a mortgage for a parcel of land. The map is required to show any buildings on the lot, town required setback lines, and whether or not the buildings fall within a FEMA identified flood zone. It does not constitute a boundary survey of the property.

Map Printing

We have the capability to produce large document scanning, copying, and printing.

Boundary Dispute

A boundary dispute occurs when two parties disagree over the location of their common property lines.
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